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City’s first workforce housing site opens

Target Logistics officials were in Pecos on Thursday to mark the grand opening of Phase I of their Pecos Lodge, the first of a series of workforce housing projects scheduled to open in the Pecos area during 2013.

The ceremony was held along with a dinner for guests at the ceremony, held at the site located off East County Road (CR 116) south of Interstate 20.

Scott Junk, vice-president of marketing for Target Logistics, and Tom Schneider, the company’s chief marketing officer, did the presentation at Thursday’s event, which was held in the recreation building of the facility.

“For Target Logistics this is truly a great day,” said Schneider. “We’ve had our eye on the Permian Basin and we’re really excited and happy to have landed in Pecos as our first lodge.”

“It means a lot for us to be here in the Permian Basin, as part of one of the greatest oil plays in the world,” he said. “We all watch the news and it’s pretty exciting about what it’s doing to our economy and really how it’s changing our country.”

Target broke ground in September on the lodge, on land purchased from the Pecos Economic Development Corp., after the Town of Pecos City bought the land from Reeves County.

Visitors were given tours of the rooms in the portable buildings. The single-occupancy rooms contain a bed, closet, bathroom and stand-up shower, with five rooms per trailer and a total of 90 rooms currently on-site. Schneider said Halliburton has committed to the first 90 rooms, which is considered Phase I of the lodge, and Phase II would bring in an additional 200 beds.

“We have the expandability to go to 700 beds, which we hope to get to. But obviously, that’s based on demand,” Schneider said.

The Phase I rooms are towards the front of the facility while the recreation building, which houses pool and foosball tables along with exercise room, the dining hall and swimming pool areas are at the current rear section of the lodge.

Schneider said they considered the amenities, such as the food and the 24-hour dining facility with a cook staff on duty, to be part of what would attract oilfield companies to sign contracts to house workers at the site.