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Fairfield set to become Pecos’ newest motel

Pecos’ latest new hotel will open it's doors in May and will bring with it an opportunity to create several more jobs in the community.

Fairfield Inn and Suites, part of the Marriott Hotel group, is working on the last phases of construction and plan to open the new hotel to the public in May, according to Hector Ramos, sales manager for the company.

“The owners, Civitas Capital Group and their investors had a vision for multiple properties and this is the fourth of the eight that they have going up,” said Ramos. “We are out of Irving, Tx. and will be like all the Marriott brands,” he said last week.

General Manager Sam Quesada said that they will be working with Pillar Hotels, which is the second largest management companies in the U.S.

Ramos said that the new hotel is offering larger suites, a more modern look, with sleeker lines and more affordability.

“It's a beautiful property and we're very proud of it and proud to share it with Pecos,” he said.

The hotel will be starting off with 12 to 18 employees, including the local general manager, Julie Lowery, who has relocated to Pecos.

Pecos Chamber of Commerce officials announced the Fairfield had become one of its newest members, during their April 12 board meeting, and a grand opening and reception is planned for when the hotel officially opens it's doors and will be held by the Chamber.

“We want the community to come out and see this beautiful hotel next month, during our grand opening ceremony,” said Ramos.