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New RV park to open first spaces Aug. 1

A new recreational vehicle park will bring some relief to those looking for a place to live in Pecos. Kings Road RV Park will open on Aug. 1 and they already have individuals who are coming in to look at it. “We will have 30 sites available by Wednesday and probably 60 by Aug. 1,” said owner General Echols. The facility has the capacity to have over 200 spaces.

The RV Park, originally named Barilla Hills, was planned to open in late 2013 on land near the Reeves County Sheriff's Posse building. But problems securing titles for all the parcels of land at the site, along with getting utility connections put in place, pushed back the opening by seven months.

Echols said that the RV park is located at 502 E. 13th Street and will be a site where individuals can park their trailers, long-term. “We won't have any trailers available at this time. It's strictly an RV Park, where they can bring their own trailers,” he said.

Echols said that by the end of August they will have at least 124 total available spaces. “Every site is completely shaded and we will be putting up signs all over town,” said Echols.

Echols said that he wanted to thank the economic development corporation and the city for making this work. “They were very helpful and we had no problems with them,” he said. All of the details about the new RV Park can be found on their website, www.kingsroadrv.com. “We are also planning a ribbon cutting and opening ceremony,” said Echols.

“This whole project has gone through the economic development,” said Echols, who added that it was a pleasure working with the city.