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Pecos Gateways Enhance City

City Gateways

As travelers come and go on major roads of Pecos, they soon will be greeted and sent off with one-of-a-kind gateways that help define our community—give it an identity and showcase its personality. We envision these gateways as attractions that will compel visitors to stop and take a picture, as well as elements that will elevate the pride locals feel for their city.

“It’s been a long time coming, we’re proud of our community and excited to be able to highlight our city pride and history in this fashion. At the same time, we’re looking to create more interest in Pecos as a place people would want to live, work and play,” said Bill Oglesby, executive director of the Pecos Economic Development Corporation.


We think of Pecos as a place where Wild West meets modern day, so the design is meant to communicate optimism and grit, with just a touch of ornate flare. The gateways will feature the city’s logo, which ties into our history of rodeo, cowboys and the two world-famous spur makers from Pecos. (We even are considering a moving rowel!)

Designed to fit into the city’s fully integrated branding system, the gateways will share uniform graphics, typography and format with everything from our streetscape elements to our presence online.


Three grand gateways, towering up to 16 feet, will establish entrance to the city on Interstate 20 from El Paso and from Midland/Odessa, and on Interstate 20 Business as you come in from Barstow. Secondary, smaller-scale gateways will welcome and send off visitors at strategic points of entrance and exit at 13 locations around Pecos.

Other Details

Wellborn Sign Company, whose work appears across the state, is manufacturing the Pecos gateways. Other instrumental team members on the project include Lupe Davis of the Pecos Chamber of Commerce and Tourism, Bill Oglesby of the Pecos Economic Development Corporation, Pecos City Manager Eric Honeyfield and Red Chair Marketing and Design.

Funding for this project was made possible by the Hotel Occupancy Tax (bed tax) for Reeves County.

The gateways are projected for completion by early summer 2016.