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PEDC approves land sales for new housing


Pecos Economic Development Corp. board members agreed to sell two acres of land to Love’s Travel Centers at a location away from the company’s pending new truck stop in Pecos, and also approved selling additional land in the center area of Pecos for new housing, during their meeting on Monday at the PEDC’s Cypress Street office.

PEDC president Bill Oglesby said on Tuesday that while Love’s is building its new truck stop on the southeast corner of the Interstate 20-U.S. 285 intersection, the two acres of land they agreed to acquire from the Town of Pecos City for re-sale is near Reeves County Hospital.

“It’s near where the hospital is building its apartments,” Oglesby said. “It will be some kind of apartment complex for families of workers that work at the truck stop.

“They know there’s a housing shortage at this time, and they’re trying to have some solution until the housing in Pecos catches up,” he added.

Workers have put up the frame of the new truck stop, which is also scheduled to include an adjacent Microtel hotel. However, officials with Love’s said while the building will include an area for a restaurant, it won’t open at the same time as the rest of the travel center due to a shortage of local workers.

The other lots the board agreed to sell are in the Meadowbrook Addition, on South Plum Street. Oglesby said the option offer on the land is to Chapter 2 LLC.

“They’re the group we’ve already contracted with for them for lots to build duplexes, and they wanted to have an option on more of the lots, so that if the project goes they’ll be able to build out more duplex- es,” he said. The new lots are east of Plum Street, in the area between Plum and Walmart.

On the east side, Oglesby said the PEDC has finally closed on the Sunrise Addition land near the Reeves County Sheriff’s Posse building, which will be the site of the new Barilla Hills RV Park.

“They have broken ground on the RV park,” he said. Work on getting the site ready for construction has been ongoing for the past two years.

He said another parcel of land, 3.85 acres on the southeast corner of the I-20 intersection with State Highway 17, also has been approved for sale to the PEDC by the city, for possible sale to a third party. “It would be oilfield, commercial development,” Oglesby added.

He said in the near future some of the Battery Reclamation Inc. land along Western Avenue will come up for tax sale. Companies involved with the oil drilling industry have been looking at the land and the warehouses there for yards, due in part to their access to a Pecos Valley Southern Railroad spur. The sale should occur in the next 60-90 days.