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PEDC board OKs plan for additional housing


Pecos Economic Development Corp. board members voted to move forward on additional housing in the central part of the city, while continuing to look for possible tenants for their Pecos RTC site east of town, during the board’s noon meeting Monday at the PEDC’s Cypress Street office.

PEDC President Bill Oglesby said the board approved options for builder Javier Cruz to purchase the lots in the central part of Pecos, for the construction of new single-family housing. The action was taken following an executive session.

“We’re going to continue at this point to continue to encourage the building of houses around Gibson’s in the Morris Addition,” Oglesby said. “We acquired more lots and are going to continue to support the building in building over there.”

Oglesby said the PEDC is continuing to negotiate with Applied Research Associates on the disposition of several items at the Pecos Research Training Center, when ARA’s contract expires at the end of June. The PEDC opted not to renew ARA’s lease at the test track, over both long-term complaints over work using high-pressure explosives at the site and the lack of jobs created by the work.

“We’ve been talking with some other entities about day-using the facility or possibly some leases on the facility. But whatever it would be, we’re looking for something that would provide jobs in Pecos and would be a quiet neighbor for the area out there,” he said.

He said the PEDC is still waiting to close on the site at Texas Street and Interstate 20 where BHP Billiton plans to build its new Pecos office, while work is also progressing across I-20 to get streets in place for the planned Stripes Convenience Store/Sunoco at I-20 and Highway 17.

“All the documents are at the title company. They’re ready to close, we’re just waiting on closing instructions from them,” Oglesby said of the BHP site. He added they would be putting signs up on other lots owned by the PEDC in an attempt to attract buyers.

He said the city is still working with the Texas Department of Transportation on getting a curb cut for Arizona Street south of I-20, which would allow access to the new Stripes from the south service road. “That specific curb cut, if we get everything done right, will be on the agenda for the (TxDOT) meeting they have in Austin in June. So they should be able vote to allow us to do the curb cut.”

He said the PEDC is also working with TxDOT on the proposed new fencing and design work for U.S. 285 alongside the West of the Pecos Rodeo Grounds. That included seeing if the agency will turn over some land between the grounds and U.S. 285 to the PEDC.

“If we could make that happen, we could pick up the land up to the sidewalk, and that would give us about 15 more feet of additional parking for another row of cars, and be able to put the fence and the sandstone pillars we’re talking about doing,” he said. “Whatever would be done would be by the next rodeo. It wouldn’t be this year.”

One other project along I-20 is already beginning work, as a rear road has been put in place for the new Fairfield Inn, in front of the Signor workforce housing site east of Teague Street. “They have their construc- tion equipment in place, so we should see something start to come up there,” Oglesby said.