Congressman Tony Gonzales Supports the Efforts of Reeves County, the Town of Pecos City, and the Pecos Economic Development Corporation

May 21, 2024
Pecos EDC

Congressman Tony Gonzales Secures $10 Million Federal Funding for Pecos Law Enforcement and First Responders Housing Project

The journey to secure federal funding for the ambitious housing project in Pecos, Texas, has been marked by perseverance and collaboration among all taxing entities, which include Federal, County, and City entities. Initiated by Pecos's Economic Development Corporation and its Executive Director, Jimmy Dutchover the project garnered support from all entities after careful analysis of previous community-funded endeavors. The three-phase housing project, estimated at $60 million, aims to provide approximately 160 living structures for local law enforcement professionals and first responders, Pecos's Hidden Heroes, along with essential infrastructure for sustained development.

During the Congressman's April 2, 2024, visit to Pecos, he met with elected officials and First Responders to discuss the plan.  He said, "Don't let nay sayers slow you down.  Don't let politics get in your way. Our Hidden Heroes deserve so much, and if housing is what is needed, count on my support." Well, the Congressman kept his word when he got back to our Nation’s Capitol and he has requested $10 million to help fund this critical project.

County Judge Leo Hung provided the following statement, “Congressman Gonzales has been steadfast in his support for law enforcement and first responders and we thank him for choosing Pecos as one of his 15 Community Funded Projects. Small towns are often forgotten at the national level, but Congressman Gonzales has been committed to assisting our rural town in every way possible. We are truly grateful to have him represent our district.”

The Judge went on to say, “This is a game changer. For years we have struggled to recruit and retain government employees, due to the presence of oil and gas personnel and their housing needs. These funds will be used in multiple phases to increase the housing stock of Pecos, Texas. And although the housing structures will be for our employees, our long-term goal will be to add additional housing, thus allowing current housing for other residents."

This initiative will benefit the Pecos Police Department, Reeves County’s’ Hospital and Emergency Service District No. 1 and 2, and the Reeves County Sheriff's Department.

City Manager Charles Lino shared the following, "This is how government is supposed to work. Identify a problem, seek the involvement of those who can and will help, and finally, take a leap of faith. We were so sure this project was doable, due to the working relationships with the all-taxing entities, our EDC began preparing an eight-acre tract for phase 1 of our housing plans."

David Dominguez, President of the PEDC said, "Our community is blessed to have a very proactive Economic Development Corporation board that truly cares about Pecos, Texas and its future growth.  We heard the concerns from our Hidden Heroes and their needs, with regards to affordable housing.  And collectively the taxing entities and Congressman Gonzales joined forces with us, to address their needs." 

Beyond addressing immediate housing needs, this project has the potential to stimulate economic growth, drive community development, and foster a renewed sense of pride and unity among residents.

As the project enters its implementation phase, the Pecos Economic Development, Reeves County, and the Town of Pecos City extend sincere gratitude to Congressman Gonzales and those who played a vital role in making this vision into a reality.


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